Fall scenery in Gaspesie - oil - 8 x 10


In eastern North America, especially in Canada, fall scenery is a gift from Nature. Forests display a full array of spectacular colors, from yellows of poplars and birches, to flame reds of maples, to coppers of oaks, mixed with the deep greens of conifers. Sometimes it’s almost like the whole forest is on fire! Fall colors have long attracted photographers and painters alike. Clemence St. Laurent is no exception. Below are her paintings of fall scenery. The second part of this page features fall scenery with water – lakes, rivers, or streams.


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The artwork original titles in French are mentioned first, followed by an English title in brackets.

fall scenery, People going for a stroll in the forest in the fall – oil – 5 x 7
Promenade dans les bois (A Stroll in the Forest) – oil – 5 x 7
fall scenery, A family in a narrow field near their house in the countryside in the fall – oil – 5 x 7
Automne à la campagne (Fall in the Countryside) – oil – 5 x 7
fall scenery, Children go for a fall outing, playing ball on a trail near the forest – oil – 9 x 12
Excursion d’automne (Fall Outing) – oil – 9 x 12
fall scenery, Old forested lot with a broken wood fence near the trail, with various shades of red, yellow and green in the trees – oil – 8 x 10
Vieux terrain (Old Lot) – oil – 8 x 10
fall scenery, Family coming back from forest hiking in the fall, on a trail bordered by grey rocks – oil – 5 x 7
Marche en forêt (Forest Hiking) – oil – 5 x 7
fall scenery, Fall tree yellows, reds, and greens in the mountainside with a narrow road around Maria, Gaspesie – oil – 8 x 10
Coin de Maria, Gaspésie (Around Maria, Gaspesie) – oil – 8 x 10
Two people walking up the hill in the forest in the fall – oil – 8 x 10 - 1980
Vers la montagne (Up the Hill) – 1980 – oil – 8 x 10


A man canoeing in the fall on a river lined with trees showing dark red, rust and yellow leaves – oil – 6 x 8
Automne en canot (Canoeing in the Fall) – oil – 6 x 8
fall scenery, Small river in the middle of a forest in the fall in Northern Ontario – oil – 5 x 7
Nord de l’Ontario (Northern Ontario) – oil – 5 x 7
Large Simon Lake surrounded by a forest with fall colors: shades of red, yellow and green – oil – 12 x 16
Lac Simon (Simon Lake)


Here are some more Fall Scenery paintings by artist Clemence St. Laurent, which are currently not available :

Cottage road at sunset
Cottage Road at Sunset – Sept. 1972
Lauzon creek in the fall
Lauzon Creek
Coastal lagoon in Quebec
Carleton-sur-Mer Coastal Lagoon (‘barachois’).
Trail by a pond
Trail by a pond
Moose Bay in the fall
Moose Bay, Ontario – 1970
Black spruce in muskeg
Black Spruce in Muskeg