Lilacs - oil - 7 x 5


MEET the ARTIST Clemence St. Laurent,  who was born on January 21, 1923, in Sainte-Florence, Matapedia County, province of Quebec. She spent her childhood at the Metis Lighthouse on the Saint Lawrence River near Mont-Joli, where her father was the lighthouse keeper.

Mrs. St. Laurent started drawing before going to school, then took some drawing lessons at school from age 10, and started painting at age 12.

Although she subsequently attended the Ecole des Arts & Métiers in Rouyn, Quebec, for six years (1954-1960) with Helmuth Nickmann, she considers herself a self-taught artist, and a traditionalist in her technique and inspiration.

From 1947, Mrs. St. Laurent spent some thirty years in Noranda, in the northwest part of Quebec, where she had the opportunity of meeting various visiting industry executives, artists, intellectuals or high government officials, even hosting some of them. Many of those guests returned home with one of Mrs. St. Laurent’s paintings.

In the 1980s, Clemence St. Laurent moved to Mississauga, Ontario, then to Quebec City, where she died on January 19, 2016, two days shy of her 93th birthday.


meet the artist, Clemence St-Laurent in her painting studio
Clemence St. Laurent in her painting studio at home. Around 1980.

Her work: Mrs. St. Laurent painted over a sixty-year period. She has used various mediums such as oil, charcoal, ink and acrylic for her drawings and paintings, working from nature and also from photos or slides. As per some art critics, her paintings show the true values transcending trends and fads, or a realistic approach.

The artist developed an excellent technique over the years for painting flowers and landscapes, either with the brush or palette knife. She also painted animals such as dogs, often the family dog. She painted a few portraits and tried her hand at abstract art. Many of her landscape paintings throughout the seasons were inspired by the scenery around the family cottage by a lake in northwest Quebec.

meet the artist, Clemence St-Laurent in her home studio in Noranda, Qc - 1958
Clemence St-Laurent thoroughly enjoyed painting, as is obvious here.

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